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Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates
Contact Information:
Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates
P.O. Box 3490
Redmond, WA 98073


Memberships are for individuals only and are non-transferable. 
Effective March 22, 2019 all ORCA memberships will expire one year from the date of joining or date of renewal, based on when payment is received.

Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates members have access to
  • Networking opportunities, to bring together:

    • Working and student members (see Job Shadowing Program information below)
    • Job seekers and employers
    • Consultants and companies supporting our professional expertise
  • High quality Forum presentations
  • Educational opportunities, included in your membership
  • Access to other programs at a potentially discounted price

  • Online member resources, including:
    • Searchable membership directory
    • Bulletin board, for exchange of information and ideas
    • Job postings
    • Access to presentations from previous ORCA events, when made available by speakers
    • Online events calendar, with listings for both ORCA events and others we are aware of in the field
  • One complimentary pass that allows you to bring a friend or co-worker to an ORCA meeting for the first time (send your guest's name and email address to to request your pass)


Do you think you would like to share a day with a regulatory student, showing them how you do your job? 

Do you want to show a student ways to think through challenges, adapt to the new ISO rules, understand different country regulatory changes, or understand new biologics as examples. 

We are actively reaching out to match the newest members of our profession at the University of Washington’s BRAMS program with host ORCA members. Spend a day together.

This is an opportunity available to current members only.

Please contact Elizabeth Cross Nichol for more information or click on the buttons below to fill out an information or application form.

Host Information Form

Observer Application Form

ORCA Membership Rates
2020-2021 Membership Year
 Regular Government Employee Student
 $130 $80  $60