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Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates
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Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates
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NOTE: If no tag line is provided, ORCA will provide one.

Recording Consent - May ORCA record the meeting (In Person or Webinar) and make it available to members upon request?

NOTE: If no date is entered, the recording will be available to members indefinitely or until ORCA decides to make it unavailable.

Presentation Materials - Please email any presentation materials you plan to use during the meeting in .pdf format to with the Meeting Title in the subject line. Please send the .pdf file no later than the day before the meeting.

Note: You will be able to share your own materials during the meeting. The copy sent to ORCA will serve as a backup during the meeting and be made available to members from, if approved below.

Distribute Presentation Materials Consent - May ORCA make presentation materials used during the meeting (In Person or Webinar) available to members from